It’s not your job to move. It’s Carter’s.

How will you feel on the first day after your move? At Carter, that’s the question that drives everything we do. We approach the relocation of every enterprise as first and foremost a transition of employees and of critical business. Transitions involve more than just physical relocation – they’re more complex, and more human. If you relocate from A to B but lose the hearts of your employees or your clients along the way, you won’t reap the value from your move that made you choose it in the first place.

That means a successful transition requires more than just a great experience on the day you physically relocate. But it cannot possibly be done with less.

For Carter, managing your physical relocation is just the start. Your organization is both policies and people. Assets are essential – but so are hearts and minds. We see all these aspects as interconnected, from your most comprehensive cultural communication strategy to the feelings of an individual executive assistant who needs her favorite office tool first thing on Monday morning in the new location. Every part of your company touches every other part.

When you move, all of those parts change and transition. That makes your move one of the greatest opportunities for organizational change you may ever experience. You’re about to be transformed, and it’s our honor to advise you on the way.

Carter has offices in Chicago and Dallas. Our consultants and project managers serve clients all over the continental United States.

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About Steve Carter

Steve Carter partners with organizational leaders of all sorts to help them realize the greatest possible value from relocation. He started in move management in 1989 before founding his own company – known then as “The Carter Group” – in 1990.

Carter initially focused on the tactical aspects of relocation, managing assets and ensuring productivity during a move. But as Steve’s expertise grew, he became convinced that providing logistics without touching on the human element was like treating symptoms without addressing causes. The philosophy of Carter, Inc. is that the “human element” is an inseparable part of your organization’s move.

“A big part of our job is to help people be a better version of themselves,” Steve says, “which is really a way of caring for them.”

Steve’s focus in his MBA work at Syracuse was Managing the Development of High Performance Teams and his PhD from Benedictine University is in Values Driven Leadership. Passion for effective and transformative leadership is reflected in Carter’s philosophy and approach.